DIY Cake. With Strawberries

AKA Make it from Scratch Challenge Day 2.

Besides Money Saving Mom, one of my other favorite blogs is Smitten Kitchen.  So today I tried Deb's strawberry summer cake.  Basically I was looking for a quick dessert to use the pound of strawberries I got on sale before they went bad.  I made it with regular all-purpose flour because I didn't have fancy barley flour, and I cut the sugar to 3/4 cup in the batter.

 ...and I totally missed the part in the recipe where it says to sprinkle two more tablespoons of flour over the top before baking.  Oops.  That's probably why my strawberries don't look as ooey-gooey as Deb's.
 (If you're wondering why the cake pan appears to be hovering above my floor, it's because my kids insisted on taking these pictures, so I'm holding the cake pan at their level.  Sunshine's picture is on the left - my husband had to help her push the shutter button - and Pippin's is on the right.  I find Sunshine's composition to be particularly intriguing...)
 The verdict?  Pretty tasty.  The sweetness was perfect for me (I tend to like my desserts on the less-sweet side), but the composition as a whole was not one of my favorite things ever.  Maybe that's because I left out the sugar on top, but I think it may have more to do with the fact that I like desserts that are more complex than cake with strawberries on top.  I'm really more of a pie person.

But my husband enjoyed it a great deal (though he prefers my pies too), and of course the children love anything they get for dessert.  So I'll probably repeat this (remembering the sugar on top next time) for sometime when I need to whip something up that isn't too labor intensive.

Come to think of it, making a cake for the sole reason that it's "not too labor intensive" seems to defeat the spirit of the Make-it-from-Scratch challenge.  Eh.  Oh well.


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