Early to Rise Challenge: Day 11

Daylight Savings Time has really been kicking my hindparts in regards to this Early to Rise Challenge.  I set my alarm to six and tried to be good, but I ended up renewing my acquaintance with the snooze button.
 In fact, I think I entered into a committed relationship with it.

This morning was better.  Not great, but better.  It didn't help that I stayed up until eleven last night because I'd forgotten to set the DVD clock forward.  Today I turned on my radio instead of hitting the snooze button, but I faded out a bit during the local news.
At least the kids slept in about thirty minutes and gave me time to transcribe some rough notes into my Malachi study handbook, a task I've been putting off.

Today's theme is "It's Your World; So Change It."  Random acts of kindness are a great way to impact the world when your resources, especially time, are limited.  I would really like to get some of the difficult planning completed in the baby blanket I'm making so I can justify starting another new knitting project - I really, really want to cast on a pair of fingerless gloves for one of the volunteer ladies in our church nursery.  I even picked out a pattern last week when I saw that her hands were blue with cold and poor circulation.

It's the simplest and yet most personal RAK I can think of offhand that would give me the greatest joy to do, but I'm very conflicted about whether it's better to invest my time in it or devote more of my limited energy to my family.  To complicate things, the Malachi homework today discussed giving, especially as in the example of the widow's mite.  In these third-trimester days I surely have only a mite of time and energy - and my OB appointment today has started to cast doubts in my mind as to whether I will make it the rest of the month until my due date.  (In fact, I changed my afternoon plans from cleaning to hauling the bassinet and car seat out of storage.)  But I struggle with the choice between spending that mite on my family and myself (and by extension the baby) or on others.  It's not a clear-cut decision.  The best answer I have so far is to try and be more efficient with the time I spend on raising my two kids and preparing for the third, and then evaluating what I have left over.

It's always adorable when the car seat comes back out and the older child wants to try it out again. At least Sunshine didn't get stuck in it like Pippin did two and a half years ago...


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