Early to Rise Challenge: Day 15 (belated)

This post is late because I took Thursday's discussion on motivation to heart.  I decided that what I really needed was to change the focus of at least one day to doing some big projects I've been putting off.
I wish I could attribute this to good character and perseverance.  But really my husband left his alarm clock on again.  He has this truly excellent knack for taking exactly nine minutes and thirty seconds to hit snooze, feed the cats, start the coffee maker and then get in the shower.
Since the Day 15 topic was successes, I decided to focus on things that made me feel successful.  The weather was beautiful, so we abandoned indoor chores in favor of spending the morning running around the backyard.  Where I accomplished many things:

The Turning Over of the Compost Piles.

The Turning Over of the Garden Soil and Amending it with Compost.

And, after the kids were done helping and playing, I accomplished the Sweeping of My Backyard Out of the Kitchen and the Bathing of the Children.  Which were not actually planned - mostly because I'd forgotten about the kids' favorite game of "Pour Dirt onto Sunshine's Head."

Due mostly to the fact that the tire on our wheelbarrow is flat, I was so stiff and sore that I really had no choice but to recline on the couch after lunch and work on the baby blanket.  This was really the only big project I'd initially planned at all - though I'm not sorry I took advantage of the beautiful day.  The first day of spring yardwork is always so invigorating that the aches and stiffness (and extra dishes piling up in the kitchen) is totally worth it.

Here's the blanket so far.  It's going to be a sea turtle.  The green triangle on the left side is the tail (and also the part I accomplished on Friday).  It's going very slowly because, although I started with a pattern, I decided to totally redo the appendages and as such, the required planning and plotting is tedious and time-consuming.

And in the end, I was too exhausted to sit down and do the blog on time.  I decided to have a sedate Date Night with my husband instead.  Totally worth it.

The weekend update will get tacked onto Monday's post.  Stay tuned!


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