Early to Rise Challenge: Day 6

Today's theme is "Adjust Your Attitude."  It's about seeing the good in even bad circumstances.  Yesterday's orange juice catastrophe was really a perfect example.  I had to do more work than I really had energy to do, I don't get more orange juice for a week until I go back to the grocery store, and I had to walk around barefoot until the floor and my slippers were cleaned (which, incidentally, was how I found the hairball one of the cats left on the living room floor).  But in the end I got tons of stuff done and now my kitchen floor and cabinets are clean and shiny!

The theme even fits perfectly with a discussion we had at church this morning.  I am participating in Lisa Harper's Malachi study, and during the small group discussion we had a debate about whether "blessed" and "happy" were really synonyms.  According to blueletterbible.org, the specific Hebrew word in question, 'esher, can be translated either way.  But I maintain that the "happy" in this case doesn't mean the cotton-candy-and-cherry-pie kind of happiness that we usually think of when seeing the word.  Because really, nothing I had to do yesterday was any fun at all.  However, by the end of the day I was certainly happy with my accomplishments and I had a definite overall sense of contentment.

Now if I can just figure out how to be blessed by the shower of random sprockets from the garage door opener, I'll be all set.  At nearly 35 weeks pregnant, the prospect of manually bending and raising the garage door does not immediately fill me with joy.


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