Early to Rise Challenge: Day 7

It's officially been a full week of Money Saving Mom's Early to Rise Challenge, and it's time for a progress report:

  • I haven't changed the time I plan to get up.  But I am spending less time in bed after six o'clock.
  • I'm actually doing the same thing on the weekends too.
  • I feel like I'm still frittering away a lot of my kid-free time in the mornings and not accomplishing much in terms of chores.
  • But since starting the challenge, I've gotten my physical therapy exercises done every morning and I haven't had to skip a shower because of running out of kid-free time.
  • I'm starting to feel a bit more energized through the whole day.  But that's been a waxing and waning thing lately, so who knows if it's because of the challenge or if my pregnancy anemia is finally improving...
  • I've stopped relying on my husband to rout me out of bed and set my actual alarm clock instead.
  • I've actually remembered to keep my camera by my nightstand to grab a shot of my alarm clock for the last five days.

I've been focusing a lot on the third bullet point and feeling really down on myself.  But in the process of listing everything, I realize that it's the only thing that hasn't really changed for the better in my daily routine.

So the fact that today's topic is "Taking One Small Step at a Time" is quite fitting.  There's a lot of improvement happening already, even if it's not as much as I think I need to see.  I'm the sort of person that likes to do big things all at once, so when it doesn't happen on schedule I lose track of the little victories and get discouraged.  The fact that I have trouble sorting out one individual goal at a time doesn't help either.  Actually, I really need to do some Dave Ramsey-style baby steps.  I shall set that up this evening (I have firmly scheduled errands happening now, so it will have to be put off until then).  Stay tuned!


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