FLYing in July

It's time to come back and work on another series.  So this month I'm going to blog about my progress taking "FLYing" lessons.

FLYing lessons

Full disclosure: I've tried FlyLady's Baby Steps twice before, and never managed to complete them.  Last time around, I actually kept up with the routine for a couple of weeks - only I got stuck on step 3 or so and never actually added anything new to my routine.  But hopefully the third time will be the charm.  So here goes...


Day One

There.  Isn't that pretty?  I can't get it a lot shinier than that (it's old and kind of beat up), but it at least looks clean and cared for.

And I'm throwing in "sweeping the floor" as a daily bonus.  With three kids feeding themselves now, I'm ashamed that I didn't have that ingrained as a habit yet.  I'm finding that it's really depressing how much I sweep up every day, but I've been doing it pretty consistently for a month now, and I've realized that a crumb-y floor has as much of a negative effect on my psyche as a dirty sink.

Another disclaimer: I'm not signing up for the emails.  I did that the first time, and I just got so many in my inbox that it was overwhelming.


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