To the Rescue!

Day Nine: More Decluttering

Today's add-on is a five-minute Room Rescue in the morning.  I got as far as labeling three boxes to sort the clutter into before Rose woke up and demanded to feed for the last thirty minutes I had before leaving for work.
Meanwhile, Pippin came down and started insisting that "We have to throw that box away because it says so."  I'm not sure he was ever convinced that we only had to toss the things in the box.

I'm not sure whom he thought we should give the third box to either.

Anyway, decluttering had to wait until I got home.  There was significantly more debris in the living room than when I left this morning.
And after five minutes... 
I decluttered recently, so nearly everything ended up in the "Put Away" box.  Technically, I should put that all away now, but I had the sort of workday after which one can only stagger around muttering phrases like "Good Lord!" and  "Holy cow!"  Plus, most of it belongs to the kids.  So it'll be put away tomorrow.
 And since I didn't put out any Hot Spots in the morning, I put out my dresser for four minutes
And lookee what I found! 
Declutter your dresser and you too might uncover a Sonic milkshake!
(Or maybe it might be my wonderful husband, bringing me treats after an absolute train wreck of a final case.)


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