Day Three

This has been the baby step on which I start to falter.  The add-on task for the day is "exploring the website," and that seems like such a little thing that I don't do it because I've already seen the website.  Or I do check out the website, but I don't actually do anything with it, so it doesn't feel like I've accomplished anything.

So today I resolved to:
  1. Check out the FlyLady website
  2. Review the weekly and monthly foci
  3. Actually do something from the website
  4. Try out my FlyHelper app

Mini-step One was okay.  I'm comfortable with the Launch Pad and the monthly focus.  I still feel a little lost navigating around in it, though.

Mini-step Two: This week we focus on Zone One: Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room.  And the monthly habit is a daily Swish and Swipe of the bathroom.  It actually sounds like a pretty good habit for me to start on, but not today.

Mini-step Three: "FlyBabies" (that's me!) are instructed to declutter the weekly Zone for fifteen minutes.  So I set the timer on the FlyHelper app, and set to work on my living room.
An indeterminate amount of time later (yes, I know I said I set the timer, but we'll get to that in the next mini-step), I achieved this:
 Yes, I know the blankets would have been easy to pick up, but my kids did that so I made them clean it up after I was done.
I also realize my living room is not the Entrance, Dining Room or Front Porch. However, I don't have a dining room, the living room is right off my entryway, we have family coming over for the Fourth tomorrow, and my entrance is only cluttered in a wall-mounted magazine rack, and fifteen minutes sorting that would make very little visual difference.  I did go out and sweep the front porch too, but that didn't take me fifteen minutes.
I did, however, find the baby monitor that I left out there yesterday and discovered a really thick spiderweb - the sort that horror movie characters always seem to walk into face-first when they enter the deserted house - that some industrious little spider had woven across my storm door since yesterday.  
Mini-step Four: The app is a quicker way to get to the relevant parts of the website, or seems to be.  However, the timer never went off for me.  I'm sure I set it, but it stopped at 14:00 when my screen darkened to save power.  But when I tried it again, it kept counting... until it crashed.   In fact, my tablet says the timer is still counting down and I have three minutes to go.  I'll continue to experiment, but so far the timer seems buggy.
Between that and a number of other housecleaning tasks that I did to get ready for tomorrow's backyard cookout, I got so exhausted I forgot it was Thursday.  I remembered about the time worship practice (the one I was supposed to be at) finished up.
Good thing my husband brought home three pounds of chocolate for me from his roadtrip.  One can assuage a lot of frustrations that way.


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