Shiny Shoes

Day Two

So, today FlyLady baby step is "Dress up to the sink and shine your shoes."  No... wait... that doesn't sound right...
However, shine my shoes is what I did, because I forgot to change into my lawn-mowing shoes before doing some yardwork, and I had a professional appointment this morning.  Green shoes would have been bad.
The left shoe has been scrubbed with a toothbrush dipped in a combination of water, vinegar, and a squirt of dish soap.  (About two parts water to one of vinegar, but I didn't really measure it.)  It works pretty well.  They aren't perfect, but they no longer look like my yardwork shoes anymore.

My sink also got the FlyLady Shiny Sink bleach treatment today, courtesy of the package of chicken breasts I dropped on the floor.  Of course, it was the only carton of the three that was brimming with chicken juice.  As I suspected, it didn't make a big difference in my sink - I've been doing pretty well at keeping it clean lately.  It's slightly brighter, but I think you'd need a chromatometer to really tell.

Getting dressed to the shoes first thing in the morning is problematic because of baby Rose who still nurses first thing (best done in pajamas) and the older children who start demanding their own breakfast immediately thereafter (and often sooner).  But we all get dressed right after breakfast, and I think I'm satisfying the spirit of the Baby Step (e.g. starting the day right off as a responsible adult) by making time to do some Bible study first thing.

Another thing I have to make an excuse for is doing my hair.  That really didn't happen yesterday because Rose got into my spin pins and threw one behind the bed.  I didn't find it until today.  So instead of putting my hair up neatly, I had it clipped up in a messy, bird-nesty sort of updo. But as I spent the day mowing the lawn and cleaning the gutters, it didn't matter a bunch.

I'm also happy to say that I cleaned the clutter off my kitchen table (it's one of my Hot Spots), cut some flowers from my garden, and made Bourbon Brown Butter Banana Bread (with chocolate chips) in time for my husband to get home.
I'm still waiting for him to notice that I mowed the lawn, though... 


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