Sticky Notes

Day Four: writing things down

I have never completed Baby Step Four before, so it was exciting to enter new territory today.  I continued with starting my morning promptly with a quiet time, and I cleaned up the kitchen fully in the evening after hosting a family Fourth of July barbecue, but I admit I didn't touch the weekly Zone cleaning nor the monthly Habit.  As I said, we hosted all my in-laws.
I don't know why writing stuff has been a sticking point.  Perhaps it's because Fly Lady specifically says to do sticky notes, and that's just not something I do.  Sticky notes, for me, are things you paste on files or write phone numbers on (though once I transcribed an entire impromptu ophthalmology lecture onto them, having nothing better to hand).  They are not supposed to be semi-permanent fixtures of daily living.  However, since I couldn't readily think of a suitable substitute, I decided to give them a try and wrote out half a dozen notes...
 ...and then I decided that one more was needed:
Not much else to report today.  Happy Fourth, everyone!


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